Discounts for Playing Tennis in Maitland, Florida

Tension is mounting in Maitland, Florida as a dispute over the city's tennis courts has sparked animosity between players and non-players. Urban planners are attempting to reach a compromise that would provide a mix of recreational services that would satisfy all residents. The plans involve demolishing four existing tennis courts at Minnehaha Park on the east side of Maitland and constructing two new courts, as well as building a new park called Fennell Street Tennis Facility near Eatonville with four additional courts. The municipal meetings have been heated as a compromise proposal was drawn up, yet no firm decision has been made in the tennis war.

Morelle, a tennis instructor for 20 years, expressed her desire to open a tennis academy in Minnehaha Park. Residents of the Minnehaha Shores Homeowners Association have been advocating for the city to improve the park, which has lost its luster compared to other park facilities in the city. The league's tennis players who use the courts have been fighting to save the four existing courts from demolition. However, the city decided that two of the four courts should be removed to meet the buffer zone requirements set out in the city's updated master plan.

The planned improvements for Minnehaha Park include two new courts, an 8,800 square foot play area replacing the existing playground, and transferring the parking lot. The Kinzlers, who live near one of Minnehaha Park's westernmost tennis courts, support their neighbors in their desire for the park to meet city standards. Weathers filed a petition with more than 200 signatures from residents asking that the city maintain the four courts in Minnehaha Park. The mayor of Maitland, Sascha Rizzo, was surprised to hear that tennis players were upset about the compromise plan since the city will eventually end up with more courts once Fennell Street park is built in two or four years.

Rizzo said that the city's master plan requires that the park conform to city codes when a renovation takes place. Laurie Wack, captain of the Maitland tennis team, said she moved there five years ago because of the city's recreational facilities. Chuck Jordan was named manager of leisure services in September and said that plans for Minnehaha Park have not yet been completed. The first phase of improvements has been added to Minnehaha Park which includes a waterfront, nature trail and picnic pavilion.

Barnes and his wife Connie live on Lake Minnehaha and approve of the proposed park plans. However, Connie Barnes said that trees were removed next to her house to install a pavilion and now it feels like having strangers in their backyard. The couple has asked the city to place a brick wall for more privacy. Angelina Jenks has lived in Minnehaha Circle for 32 years and remembers when Minnehaha Park had no playground and only two tennis courts. Tennis can be great for children, former athletes looking for something new, someone trying to stay active or anyone in between.

You can choose a local court to take tennis lessons in Maitland, Florida or your coach can recommend a convenient location for you. Resident Lorrie Weathers, who plays on a Maitland tennis team, said she is upset that taxpayer money is being used to destroy tennis courts and build new ones all over the city where no one lives. Players start playing tennis at different ages and age is not an obstacle to becoming an excellent tennis player. If you don't have a racket you can discuss borrowing one with your coach but eventually it's better off buying a beginner's racket that is right for you. If you're trying to decide between joining your local tennis club or working with PlayYourCourt to take tennis lessons in Maitland here are five reasons why PlayYourCourt is your best option. If you're looking to get your child into tennis most coaches will say if they can hold a racket it's soon enough to take tennis lessons.

Eventually once you know you're going to play a lot of tennis you'll want a bag with several pieces of equipment but it's not necessary if you're just starting out. A private tennis lesson is an opportunity to absorb valuable information get as many repetitions as possible and establish a relationship with a coach who is fully committed to your improvement. Tennis classes allow you to make mistakes and feel comfortable as a player regardless of your age. If you're looking for discounts on playing tennis in Maitland check with your local court or coach for any special offers they may have.

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